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"HDR" Images of Old Farm Equipment of farm tractors and wagons as well as other farm equipment found in Mills County Iowa as well as surrounding area in Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska
Heading into a final Sunset_Heading into a final Sunset_blkFord F851939 Ford 85 1 Ton Truck1939 Ford 85 1 Ton Truck a1954 Nebraska Plate_V8 in a 1939 Ford 85 1 Ton_And old tractor once use is now just an yard ornament  to mow around...Coil of Wire on Post_Wagon2_Wagon2_blk2 Farm Wagons_2 Farm Wagons_blk2 Farm Wagons_hhVintage Farm Equipment Buried  in a Snow DriftSnow Drifts and Old Farm Wagons sepSnow Drifts and Old Farm Wagons BnWSnow Drifts and Old Farm WagonsOld Ford Work Truck in Another WinterWater Pump and Garden Hose Waits for Spring